Salvation Prayer – Powerful

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Lord Jesus, I confess my sins, I repent of them.
I see the evils of my ways, Holy Spirit I receive you, in my heart.
Spirit of Christ come and live in me,
Heavenly Father I am sorry for my wrongs.
I am sorry for all my weaken ways,
forgive me, for all the wrongs I have done,
Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for dying for me.
Shedding your sinless precious blood, to cleanse me
and to redeem my soul from every guilt and every judgement
That I deserve, for my sins.

Lord Jesus, you are my Lord, come and live in my heart
Come and guide me, speak to me, strengthen me
Anoint me, use me for your glory.
Lord Jesus Christ, I believe it, with all my heart, that God raise you
on the third day and that you are alive forever, King of kings, Lord of Lords.

Thank you Lord Jesus, send me your Holy Spirit, to fill me, baptise me with fire
So that I can be anointed, to do the works of God.
In the name of Jesus, I am a child of God, I am born anew, I belong to Jesus
Satan get lost, I no longer belong to you, I am a child of the living God
I am born of the word of God, I am born again, in the name of Jesus Christ
I receive Christ, Jesus the son of God, as my Lord and as my saviour forever.
Amen and amen.

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