About Us

In June 2007, the Padre Pio Healing Rooms opened in Kilkee Co. Clare and since then over twelve thousand people have visited and taken part in the healing sessions. Hundreds of people have reported being healed through the intercession of Saint Padre Pio.
From little acorns grow great oak trees, and each year sick or ill people come with a believing heart that Jesus will touch them and restore them to full health.

Tom Cooney the elderly man from Killaloe Co. Clare met Padre Pio in the early 1960’s and brought hundreds of people on pilgrimages to visit Padre Pio at San Giovani Rotondo.
Padre Pio loved Irish People, because they were the first foreigners to recognise him outside of Italy.
We invite you to come to the healing rooms in Kilkee County Clare Ireland this summer and experience at first hand the mighty healing power of Jesus.

If you are sick, ill, burdened down with a life crisis or depressed come, you will not be disappointed.
Email padre.pio.ireland@gmail.com and reserve your place.